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    • Inflation Targeting in Latin America 

      Barajas, Adolfo; Steiner, Roberto; Villar, Leonardo; Pabón, César (2013-12)
      In this paper we analyze the implementation of inflation targeting in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru. First we undertake OLS estimations of conventional Taylor rules and show that in all four countries the central bank ...
    • The policy making process of tax reform in Latin America 

      Cárdenas, Mauricio; Lora, Eduardo; Mercer-Blackman, Valerie (2005-08)
      "The main objective of this paper is to analyze the policy making process of tax reform in a selection of Latin American countries. This has been an important area of reform since the mid 1980s, mainly because countries ...
    • Colombia: economic trends and perspectives 

      Lora, Eduardo (1995-03)
      This work shows why Colombia stands out in the Latin American context as a very stable economy, free of the booms and busts typical of other countries, setting down the long term trends like the economic growth, the ...